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"Black Eagle Down", a novel by Mike Kuzara.  Click here for details and order options.
"Black Eagle Down", a novel by Mike Kuzara. Click here for details and order options.

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Thunder Mountain Tours Photo Gallery - Historic Tours

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Site of the Shurley Fight on Prairie Dog Creek 5 miles southeast of Sheridan Nov. 5, 1867

pg2005-03.jpg (32857 bytes) Crow-Sioux Indian battle site near the place where "French Pete" was killed.
pg2005-06.jpg (69183 bytes) Site of the battle between US troops & the Northern Arapahoe Aug. 29, 1865. pg2005-08.jpg (43305 bytes) Basque Dancers at annual mountain festival.
pg2005-13.jpg (47159 bytes) Field where the Sawyer expedition was attached by Northern Arapahoe Aug. 31, 1865 pg2005-14.jpg (29517 bytes) Dinwoody Lake pictographs near Dubois, Wyoming.
pg2005-17.jpg (64183 bytes) Historic Clearmont Jail, no reservations needed. pg2005-18.jpg (56138 bytes) Headquarters house on old Kendrick Cattle Company's "K" Ranch
pg2005-21.jpg (53781 bytes) Site of the Battle of Powder River Mar. 17, 1876 pg2005-22.jpg (43200 bytes) Ruins of Quietus Post Office, southern Montana
pg2005-25.jpg (50145 bytes) Bocek Ranch on Dutch Creek looking east pg2005-26.jpg (32821 bytes) Petrified Tree stump overlooking Bocek Ranch on Dutch Creek
pg2005-31.jpg (66840 bytes) Tie Flume, Warm Springs Canyon, near Dubois, Wyoming pg2005-05.jpg (55663 bytes) Sawyer Expedition info sign on the Bozeman Trail crossing of Tongue River.
pg2005-36.jpg (71741 bytes) Tie Flume in Warm Springs Canyon near Dubois, Wyoming pg2005-12.jpg (47313 bytes) Fetterman Massacre monument plaque close up
pg2005-16.jpg (23123 bytes) Hutson Wagon Train, Custer National Forest pg2005-20.jpg (40891 bytes) Kendrick Cattle Company LX- ranch buildings (abandoned)
pg2005-24.jpg (41326 bytes) Town of Arvada as seen from Suggs town site pg2005-30.jpg (38857 bytes) Ramshorn Peak in the Wind River Range in the distance seen from Warm Springs Canyon rim.
pg2005-04.jpg (24420 bytes) Fetterman Massacre monument, battle ground in the distance. pg2005-11.jpg (37305 bytes) Fetterman Massacre battle ground and route of old Bozeman Trail
pg2005-15.jpg (80558 bytes) Ruins of Sheep-eater Indian wickiup, Wind River Range pg2005-19.jpg (24313 bytes) Abandoned homestead on Powder River
pg2005-23.jpg (48669 bytes) Site of the Battle of Powder River, Mar. 17, 1876 pg2005-29.jpg (49768 bytes) Abandoned homestead barn on Dutch Creek
pg-historic-50.jpg (40375 bytes) Fort Phil Kearny, Wagon Box Road, near Banner, Wyoming pg-historic-51.jpg (34585 bytes) Fort Phil Kearny, Wagon Box Road, near Banner, Wyoming.  Wyoming State Parks & Historic Sites sign.
pg-historic-52.jpg (45740 bytes) Fort Phil Kearny Interpretive Center, Wagon Box Road, near Banner, Wyoming pg-historic-53.jpg (54785 bytes) Portugee Phillips Monument, near Fort Phil Kearny.
pg-historic-54.jpg (73903 bytes) Johnson County Court House, Buffalo, Wyoming pg-historic-55.jpg (58143 bytes) Jim Gatchell Museum, Buffalo, Wyoming
pg-scenic-07.jpg (48534 bytes) Kendrick Mansion - Sheridan, Wyoming pg-scenic-08.jpg (54949 bytes) Sheridan Inn - Sheridan, Wyoming

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